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I realized its been awhile since I’ve actually posted diaper girls  on my diapergirlpictures blog, so how about some comics.  I selected some of my favorite ones the other day and thought I’d post them according to themes.  The first theme is breastfeeding.  One of my all time favorite activities.

diaper girl breastfeeding 1 diaper girl breastfeeding 2 diaper girl breastfeeding 3 diaper girl breastfeeding 4 diaper girl breastfeeding 5




These photos were posted on and are from a website called Fessestivites which I think is French.  I assume its probably some kind of paysite and since I can’t read French I haven’t really tried to see.  Their pictures are kind of bizarre.  The quality of their photographs isn’t so good, they don’t use any kind of lighting and they do lots of outside stuff.  The girls and guys just look like a bunch of more or less regular people.  Instead of the very typical diaper picture websites poses and pictures with these guys it looks often times completely goofy and authentic, like no one really planned it out.  I can’t imagine where you’d come up with doing this unless you had a bunch of friends all into AB and other fetish type activities and you were like, “Hey lets record this stuff and see if we can sell it?”

I’m usually ambivelant about their photos, but sometimes I see some that I really like.  In this set we have 3 adult baby girls, one is playing in a baby tub, the other is sitting on a potty chair, and fluffy one is getting her diaper changed by a mommy figure.  There are also some guys walking around in diapers.


abdldiaperregression_070 abdldiaperregression_027 ABDL diaper regression ABDL diaper regression ABDL diaper regression ABDL diaper regression abdlbaby-girlscouchediaper_16 abdlbaby-girlscouchediaper_15 abdlbaby-girlscouchediaper_14 abdlbaby-girlscouchediaper_11 abdlbaby-girlscouchediaper_10 abdl baby-girls couche diape abdlbaby-girlscouchediaper_03


28794688zua 28848708Cht 28848710EmTI found a folder of photos somewhere awhile back with several shots of girls who appear to me to be actual real diaper fans, not participating in a college hazing, or modeling.  I’ll post more when I’ve got time.

131814644580 131814679019 131814680463 131814684374 131814686818 131814694052

A_diaper_pail_friend Abouttobepaddled Abusedbum Aflannelfantasy Afternoondiaperchange1 Afternoondiaperchange2 Afternoondiaperchange3 Afternoonnapchange Afternoonnapdiaper Afullandsoakeddiaper Alltuckedin2 Anklerestraints Ashamedfrommessingherself attends_for_baby attends_for_baby2 baba_babygirl babe_and_baby_romper baby



So here we have a diaper girl in a very cute onesie with a very obvious diaper underneath, she’s sitting on a baby blanket and drinking from a bottle which makes the picture even better, but then there is the kid in the left hand corner taking a nap in the chair.  It could be a life size doll, its kind of hard to tell but I think its a young kid.  That’s just really weird.  I thought maybe it was like a halloween thing, but I doubt it.  I’m wondering how old this girl is, she may be younger then she looks, maybe that’s her little brother and its normal for her to play baby in the middle of the floor while someone takes her picture?


If the internet had never come along all of us diaper people would have never realized that there were other diaper people.  Even more exciting is that I would have never seen this photo of a Diapered Manga Cyborg Chick.

Checkout this person’s gallery at,