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36b062bfafcb86c582f29d28f1dd17f4e43017e6a58e74c0459c54450f0c4005kayla_and_lisa_by_pieceofsoap-d8edadttumblr_nc68szwjzm1te16m7o1_500tumblr_nt30y2lcg21uba7iao1_1280tumblr_nuuhnzbulm1uba7iao1_500As I browsed through hundreds and hundreds of art images I found myself interested in these images which show a role reversal.  The adult is diapered and treated like a child by the kid.



Yesterday was one of those “All In” AB days.  In the morning I got diapered up, put one a Onesie, and then onesie pajamas and went to Wal-Mart for some shopping.  Of course I was wearing regular clothes over the PJs.  You could never tell what I had on underneath.  I spent a lot of time looking at the various incontinence pads and bought some of the Men’s Guards pads that are 14 for $3 they could be my new go to stuffer.  I almost bought some of the Equate brand Overnight bladder pads for women, they look really big, and you get 30 for 8 dollars.


Anyway went out to the woods to take some pictures afterwards, I was in a place that is pretty popular but in the middle of the week, early in the morning I didn’t expect anyone to show up, and if they did I was pretty sure I’d have ample warning.  So I took off my street clothes and ran around in my Onesie for awhile.  In hindsight this was probably really stupid, just because I thought no one was around doesn’t mean that no one is around.


Then I got this idea, it was cool, but not freezing and I decided to take everything off but my diaper and get in the water and see how long I could handle it.  The answer wasn’t long, maybe 30 seconds.  Luckily I brought a spare diaper to change into, and the onesie felt so awesome on my cold damp skin.


After this little adventure I went to the thrift store.  I was walking around and spotted something that nearly floored me.  I big pink leotard, it looked really big and thought it would fit. I also spotted an opened package of girls XL Goodnites for 1 and then I decided to look at the shoes.  I’ve always wanted a pair of heels that would fit, but finding some big enough for my big feet wouldn’t be easy.  I’m a little bit turned on by cross dressing sometimes, especially cute girl clothes.  I found a pair of platform style shoes, they weren’t heels but they were several inches taller in the back then the front and size 12 womens.

One I got home I was in a state of near bliss.  With a Goodnite on I put the leotard on, it was tight but fit, then I put on the sandals which were very tight.  Walking around the house in this outfit I felt like a big bedwetting girl playing dress up before bed.  No pictures though from this, maybe later.

nqrbs-re-brief-maximum_bagNext up to review in our HDIS sample pack is the Reassure Maximum brief.  HDIS seems to be the only place selling these and I read that they have them made specifically for them so they seem to push them pretty hard on their website.  If you’ve ever bought drugstore brand diapers you’ll probably roll your eyes when you pull out the Reassure.  It looks almost identical to the prevail brand diapers that many drugstores carry and sell for around ten bucks a pack.  I’ve gone through lots of these, for along time the only place I would buy diapers was a particular drug store that only carried this brand.  Fortunately the Reassure Maximum Brief is not the the same as the super cheapo’s that you get at many drug stores.

The Reassure Maximum has a cloth cover, two hook and loop fasteners with blue cross hatch pattern per side, and is quite a bit thicker then their drug store counterparts.  The large size is a roomy fit but not entirely too big, I could probably wear the medium as well.  There is no waistband and no leak guards, like I said they are constructed exactly like drug store diapers, but have about twice as much absorbent padding.  If you’ve ever worn the drug store brand you might have noticed that after maybe an hour they are loose and about to fall off.  I had pretty much the exact same problem with these, they need to tightened several times.  The good news is that unlike the drug store version these actually can hold a few wettings, though I emphasize a few.

HDIS sells these for just a bit over a dollar a diaper, they are about the third cheapest diaper on their site, only thing cheaper is wings and home choice which I’d say are not as absorbent as these.

I wore this diaper for about 4 hours.  During the first hour I took a walk and never wet the diaper, during the second hour I drank a large glass of water and wet a little bit.  The first few wettings were readily absorbed and the gel inside swelled a bit.  The third hour saw me wet a couple more times.  Probably on the third wetting I could tell that my rear end was getting damp.  I made the mistake of sitting down on the bed and when I got up had left two wet spots on the sheets.  I didn’t feel like I had wet that much for the diaper to be just leaking out like that.  I think one of the biggest problems is that they leg cuffs aren’t elastic enough and don’t adjust tight enough to really make a good seal so the pee just flows right out once the center is soaked.

qrb1By this point all the front padding had fell down and was stuck in the front and the rear padding was starting to get really damp,  Like the Attends the diaper became like wearing a big sack between the legs.  I retaped it even tighter and decided to keep wearing it until I had to go to work.   I placed a folded up towel on my computer chair and did some work, by the 4th hour the towel was soaked and the chair was damp.  The shorts I was wearing were getting soaked as well.  The diaper should have been changed about two hours ago.

One of my favorite things about these types of diapers is that they do have larger fasteners and they can be refastened several times.  If you pull them tight  and place them side by side on the front of the diaper it looks much more like a baby diaper and works just about as well, or as bad.

So I can’t totally knock the Reassure, they aren’t horrible, but once they hit their absorbency limit you’d better change them or expect to have wet pants.  They are actually very similar to wearing a drug store diaper with a baby diaper soaker, except the baby diaper soaker will probably leak less and can be tossed and a new one put in.  Considering you can get like 16 of these for ten dollars at Walgreens and add a Luvs diaper soaker for about 15 cents more per diaper you’d probably be better off.

There is also a Reassure Overnight that I have yet to try, it looks quite a bit thicker and I’m looking forward to testing it.

These photos were posted on and are from a website called Fessestivites which I think is French.  I assume its probably some kind of paysite and since I can’t read French I haven’t really tried to see.  Their pictures are kind of bizarre.  The quality of their photographs isn’t so good, they don’t use any kind of lighting and they do lots of outside stuff.  The girls and guys just look like a bunch of more or less regular people.  Instead of the very typical diaper picture websites poses and pictures with these guys it looks often times completely goofy and authentic, like no one really planned it out.  I can’t imagine where you’d come up with doing this unless you had a bunch of friends all into AB and other fetish type activities and you were like, “Hey lets record this stuff and see if we can sell it?”

I’m usually ambivelant about their photos, but sometimes I see some that I really like.  In this set we have 3 adult baby girls, one is playing in a baby tub, the other is sitting on a potty chair, and fluffy one is getting her diaper changed by a mommy figure.  There are also some guys walking around in diapers.


abdldiaperregression_070 abdldiaperregression_027 ABDL diaper regression ABDL diaper regression ABDL diaper regression ABDL diaper regression abdlbaby-girlscouchediaper_16 abdlbaby-girlscouchediaper_15 abdlbaby-girlscouchediaper_14 abdlbaby-girlscouchediaper_11 abdlbaby-girlscouchediaper_10 abdl baby-girls couche diape abdlbaby-girlscouchediaper_03


I’m going to be alone for a few days in a couple of weeks and have decided to devote the time to being an adult baby.  I’m framing it as a challenge.  I had a chance to do this once long ago, but didn’t really take advantage of it and have always regretted it.

The Rules

1. Incontinence:  No I wont’ be using medical appliances to simulate incontinence, but the rule is no toilets allowed.  I’ll be wearing diapers 24 hours a day.  Shouldn’t be a problem, I’ve been wearing diapers to work on and off for awhile now, and my shifts are fairly short.  I just won’t do any activity that I do that can’t do diapered, and there really aren’t many of those.  I tend to only have one big bowel movement in the morning, so poopy diapers in the middle of the day shouldn’t be a problem.  If I’m out and feel like pooping  I’ll probably cheat and practice a bit of bowel control until I’m home.  I don’t think a person should be walking around in public with a stinky loaded diaper.   Biggest problem I had in the past was sleeping in a diaper.  When I have a diaper on I just can’t sleep.  I’m going to work on some sleep aids for that.

2.  Fluids:  Only fluids allowed are milk, baby formula, juice and water.  Furthermore unless the situation doesn’t allow it fluid must be sucked from baby bottles.   I’m a heavy soda drinker and it will be hard to not drink any soda for 3 days.  This is going to be a hard one.  My goal is to drink a bottle of fluids every 2 hours when at home.

3.  Food:  Only soft baby foods may be eaten.  I like baby fruits and deserts, I can eat vegetables though I don’t like them, but the actual purred dinners turn my stomach.  I’ll eat lots of yogart and granola, and lots of baby cereal.  This may be even harder.

4.  Dress:  Unless the situation doesn’t allow it, I’ll be dressed in babyish clothes for the entire time.

5. Oral Fixation:  Unless the situation doesn’t allow it I’ll be sucking either a bottle or pacifier.


Since I plan to be on mostly liquid diet I think I’ll find myself needing more frequent changes.  I’m going to have about 60 hours for the challenge and I’ll probably need to change on average 15 times during that period.  I may find that with the liquid diet that number is much higher, and of course it depends on the diapers I’m wearing.  My supply of disposables is getting low, so it’ll be time to do some diaper shopping.  I plan on hitting up all the area thrift stores and I’m probably going to buy some premium diapers like Abenas for the challenge.  Perhaps I should make a shopping list.

Shopping List

1.Diapers, whatever I can find, and perhaps a couple of cases of premiums.  Decisions decisions…

2. Formula, never drank baby formula before but always wanted to.  It may taste so bad that I can’t do it, I’ll buy some cheap stuff and see.

3.  Baby Food, I’ll buy several varieties of vegetables and deserts along with baby cereal.

4.  Bottles, I only have one bottle and my plan is to drink alot of bottles, so I’ll buy some and fill them up for the day.

5.  Plushies, I’m going to buy several large plushes in thrift shops for my baby area.

6.  Diapering supplies, going to need more wipes and rash cream I think.

7.  Diaper pail,  should be easy to find a diaper genie type pail thing in a thrift store, always seem them.

8.  Playpen, this one is probably iffy.  I might buy a playpen if I can find a very cheap folding one at a thift store, it will have to be donated back in 3 days.


Setting up the Baby Area.

The final thing to prepare will be setting up a baby area.  Ideally I won’t have to worry about visitors over the 3 days and can leave everything set up.  I’m considering clearing away a corner of the living room laying down baby blankets and filling it full of big plushies and baby stuff.  It will also have a changing area.  I’ve got a big changing pad, but   I’ve got a little portable shelf container thingy full of junk that will be perfect to stuff with diapers, diapering supplies, and adult baby things.

I think the area will have to be small enough to be quickly dismantled, or at least hidden.


There were some pictures taken that said Mystic Reflections Photography and some that had a web address  I think these are by the same guy even though they don’t have the logo.

Here’s some of a girl called Misty P. I like these pictures because even though she’s modeling she looks like she’s having a good time, they are cute, tasteful and fun.