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I recently experimented with wearing a single diaper for what is for me a long time and wanted to share the results.  I wanted to wear all day and not have to worry about the diaper being noticed, falling apart, or leaking and all the while I intended to be very active.  My new favorite affordable diaper is the Tranquilty ATN which I ordered from  At $8.36 per 12 and free store pickup they are a great deal.  The only downside is that they are only available in medium and I usually buy large size diapers.

Thankfully I can wear a medium and there are some benefits to the smaller size.  The diaper doesn’t rise very high, there are less extra plastic sides flapping around, and less bulk in general.  The Tranquilty ATN is a really well made diaper, it’s not very thick but is well packed with super absorbent gel and the padding seems to resist clumping and falling apart.  They have tall leakguards and seem to do a really good job of locking wetness away.

One of the first things I noticed when wearing the Tranquility ATN is how the plastic is both really quiet and really soft.  These diapers were actually quieter under my pants then a cloth backed Attends Overnight, and about the same quietness as a thinner cheap cloth backed diaper.  The second thing I could tell wearing these is that they really, really, don’t leak.  The last thing is that the tapes are really, really secure.  It has a double tape system for re tightening but I generally don’t need to.

extended wear 1

So for my extended wear I needed to be really discreet as I was going to be wearing and using the diaper around alot of people.  I placed a Tranquility top liner pad in the ATN to boost absorbency and put the diaper on as snug as I could.  I wore a Maidenform shaping mid rise panty over the diaper, it’s a very firm and pretty much completely hid the diaper’s lines and silenced it.  Over that I wore some boxxers.

I put this in around 11 AM after doing some outdoor activity and intense exercise which I didn’t want to be diapered for.  I was somewhat dehydrated which helped alot because I was really worried about leaks and wouldn’t be in a position to change for hours.  Over the course of the next 10 hours I went to several places in public, did alot of chores, and went on a 8 mile bike ride all the while trying my best not to hold my bladder.

extended wear 2

By early evening the diaper felt damp but only really in the front where I wet.  by later evening it felt a bit bulky in my front and wet.  At ten o’clock after wearing the diaper 11 hours and wetting it several times I went to check it out and take some pictures before taking it off.extended wear 3

The tight fitting shapewear panty keeps the diaper really wrapped to your body and wetness is nearly injected into the padding, instead of leaking down through a more loose fitting diaper and pooling in the bottom.  Because of this the front padding was soaked, in fact the wetness had spread from the center in all directions equally.  The booster pad wasn’t even completely soaked yet.  I could have worn the diaper for many more hours though I may have started experiencing leaks at the top.  The bottom and rear of the diaper were completely dry.

Because the shapewear kept the diaper super snug there was no chaffing and comfort wasn’t an issue.  I was stunned by how completely intact the padding was, there was no clumping.  It performed exactly as a quality baby diaper where the padding expands but stays put.

One key thing to remember is that I was somewhat dehydrated for this entire day, I didn’t avoid drinking, in fact I tried to drink extra, but I spent alot of time outside in the sun and was losing fluid through sweat.  If I had been less active and produced more urine I’m not sure if the diaper would have held up that long.



new onesie 2

With Our Little Girl securely diapered we took her to Wal-Mart.  Her rear was deficiently poofy and she was constantly pulling down her shirt worried someone would notice.  First stop was the baby department.  “Daddy and I have decided that Our Little Girl needs more baby things,” we told her.  She blushed and looked around, the empty isle and shook her head no.  We laughed at her embarrassment and told her to get some Luvs diapers off the shelf, pick out a baby bottle, and pacifier.  I got tube of diaper rash cream and baby powder.  In the little girl clothing section I picked out a purple shirt and dress that we hoped would fit her.  Next we got her some juice then went to the toy section and made her pick out a stuffed animal and coloring book.  Finally we went to the adult incontinence section and picked out some pads to stuff in her diapers.

time to change


When we got her home we took off her clothes and dressed her in a onesie that we already had and set her out some blankets to lay on and color.  We gave her a bottle and when she finished that one we filled it right back up.  Soon it was time to change her.  We put her in one of the Attends we bought then we dressed her in purple shirt.  She was really getting into littlespace and started acting silly and playing.  She grabbed my egg pillow and started dancing around.  We had to get some photos.  In a new little girl voice that we hadn’t heard her use yet she actually pouted that her diaper wasn’t cute so we put some cute “Big Girl” panties on over it.  Which made her very happy.

funny egg 1

big girl panties


We clipped her pacifier on her shirt and took her out in the back yard, which is all fenced and together we all set on a swing and made plans to build a playground.  We finished off the evening by ordering pizza and watching Little Mermaid.  She was sitting on my lap and I felt a bit of moisture and we realized she was soaked.   We changed her into a double padded overnight diaper and she fell asleep on the floor.

tuckered out

The day was wonderful and my wife and I were ecstatic we’d found the perfect little girl and we wondered how the relationship would develop.

backseat changesOur Little Girl showed up Saturday morning precisely at 10 O’clock.  Her clothes were different from the first time we met when she was wearing the typical short and tight clothes of a young woman.   Today she arrived looking like she was dressed for the first day of kindergarten.  She was wearing jean shorts that weren’t really long, short, baggy or loose, a T-shirt with a rainbow that fit the same indistinct way, cute white socks with lace at top and chuck Taylors.  She’d even put a cute band with a bow to pull her hair back in a style that just screamed 5 year old.

There were a few awkward moments where she seemed hesitant, but we gave her a big hug and rubbed her back she seemed to melt in our arms.  ‘Have you had any more accidents?” I aksed.

“What do you mean Daddy?”

“I think you know what he mean, pee pee pants,” Mommy joked.  She blushed and pulled down her jeans to show us she was wearing a goodnite and told us she’d had a couple little accidents and was wearing her special panties.  We told her she would have to keep wearing them until she proved she could stay dry.

We started out our day with a trip to the zoo.  We made sure to buy her a big soda for Our Little Girl to drink while we walked around.  My wife and I took every advantage to reinforce that she was ours, always calling her sweetie, honey, little britches, and all manner of cutesy baby names.  We made her hold our hand sometimes, and constantly told her what she could and couldn’t do.

The best part was walking her through the petting zoo.  Encouraging her to pet the animals  The mature way that we were dressed and behaving along with the innocent way she was dressed and acting made things seem natural.   We pushed her into a pen with goats watched her cautiously reach out and pet a baby goat with other kids.  “I think its great what you are doing,” a cheery woman said beside us.

“What’s that?” my wife asked.

“Taking your daughter out, that’s my soon there,” she said and pointed at a boy who was almost as tall as Our Little Girl, and probably twice the age of the other kids.  “He’s on the spectrum and these kind of experiences are great for him.

“Well we do everything we can for Our Little Girl,” my wife said.

When we got back to the parking out my wife stopped Our Little Girl before she could get in the car.  “Hold on little lady, I need to check your britches,” she said.

Our Little Girl’s face immediately turned red and she whispered, “here in the parking lot.”

“Yes here,” my wife said but first looked around to make sure no one was close by.  She felt around the front and then the back.  “Feels pretty squishy,” she said then pulled back her shorts and stuck her hand down the rear of the pull up.  “Someone has soaked their “special panties,” she said.

I opened the trunk and handed my wife the prepacked diaper bag and she began laying out a baby blanket in the backseat.  “Your kidding right,” Our Little Girl said.  My wife ignored her and pulled a pack of wipes out.  “You can’t do that here in public,” she said getting a bit upset.  I stepped behind her and put my arm over her shoulder.  My wife pulled out a diaper and then motioned for Our Little Girl to get in the backseat.

We all looked around, we were in a deserted part of a parking lot, there was no one to be seen and we told Our Little Girl as much.  She still hesitated.  “If you don’t get in there and let Mommy change your soaked pull up then I’m going to pull it off you right here in the parking lot and tan your hide, Missy,” I said.  She was bright red but she laid down in the backseat.  In a few minutes her shorts were back on her, though there were bit more filled out.


new diapers

After spending the day with us Saturday Our Little One called Monday and said that she really appreciated our time together but didn’t think she could do it again.  We told her that often after the first experience in diapers a little often felt very guilty.  We spent a long time on the phone, and she ultimately revealed to us that she felt a great deal of shame, but desperately wanted to play with us again.  Nearly everyone who has experienced the thrill of ageplay knows this, and we assured her that she had nothing to be ashamed of.

By the end of the call she had not only agreed to stay with us again, but this time she decided to stay overnight with us.  We made it clear that staying with us would mean doing what we said, and it would mean being kept in diapers if we felt like that was what she needed. There was a brief pause and then she replied, “I understand Mommy and Daddy.”

The lovely ABDL Carousel diapers that we had introduced her to are too expensive to wear all the time so we ordered some cheap diapers to use both under her clothes and as doubles under the cute ABDL diapers.  Then we begin thinking of ways to make Our Little Girl feel like the helpless little one she wanted to be.  This weekend is going to be amazing!

change into a princessAgeplay has been a part of our lives for years, my wife and I.  We both like to switch and change roles, but one thing we’ve always wanted was to share our wonderful time with others.  So we started looking for a little to call our own.  We found our Little Girl on fetlife. she was looking for a loving and Mommy or Daddy.  After a few emails and phone calls she came to our house.  She arrived looking like any random person on the street, we went out to dinner, had a few drinks, and talked.  We decided that she was what we were looking for.  We made plans to spend a Saturday together.

She arrived at ten and we went to lunch. We discussed the rules for her day  She would stay over but we would be completely in charge of her.  Everything she did was by permission only. She would be Our Little Girl. She started to go to the restroom after lunch but I said no.  She was surprised then smiled and said “Yes Daddy.”  Our hearts were soaring at the possibilities.

She had very limited ageplay experience and was interested in being a little girl around the age of 4 or 5.  Once we returned home she official became ours. She was so excited that she forgot to even ask to use the bathroom, forgetting she needed to pee. She was surprised when we took her clothes and put her in a Goodnite, pink shorts and a Little Mermaid shirt.  She complained that she didn’t need the Goodnite, but we told her it was just a precaution.  She was even more surprised when we took her to the park.

We told her to play in the playground and she was so embarrassed trying to make sure her little cloth shorts weren’t showing the colorful bedwetter diaper.  We also made her continually drink the 42 ounce diet mountain dew.  Soon she was complaining of needing to use the bathroom.  We told her she was a big girl and could hold it.  You should have seen the look on her face.  Finally she was dancing and we made fun of her for doing the potty dance but walked her across the park to restroom.  Of course we knew a secret.  The restrooms were locked at this park.

We scolded her for drinking the big soda and she was freaking out.  She wanted to go in the bushes but there to many people around and we forbid her from doing it anyway.  So far she had been cautiously playing the role, not really getting into it, but now she had no choice.  The look of desperation was priceless, my wife took her hand, and said “It’s OK baby, if you can’t hold it.”  Our Little Girl looked around, she was red hot with embarrassment, there were .  She uncrossed her legs and relaxed.  The actually moaned when she began to pee overtaken by relief.  She flooded the Goodnite and I could actually see it fluff out around her bottom.

We took her home, it was hilarious watching her squirm as she sat down on the mushy warm soaked Goodnite.  We took her into our spare bedroom where we had already laid out a dress, and supplies to change her into big puffy ABDL diapers.  My wife sat down on the bed and said, “Come on over here Little Girl, Mommy’s got a surprise for you, after Mommy’s changed your soaked diaper you can be a princess.”

“I’m a big girl, I don’t need diapers,” she said.  Mommy yanked off her pants and playfully swatted the swollen goodnite.

“What do you think Daddy, does she look like a big girl?” my wife asked.

“Nope she looks like Our Little Girl,” I said.

If you’re in a similar situation to me it’s not easy to have diapers sent to the house. I used Amazon Prime to have better shipping control, but now that the post office is fullfilling Prime orders I’ve already had two orders late.

I recently used Wal-Mart’s store pickup. Their selection is not good. I went with with Tranquility ATN which they only sale in medium. And Attends Overnight. I also got some Attends boosters.

new diapersI was nervous that I would be given a shopping cart with the diaper packages, but the system was ideal. I used the Ap to notify them I was at the store. Two associates were waiting for me in the pickup area and didn’t ask for ID. I walked up they said, “Allright you’re here!” It was actually kind of cool. One box of was Wal-Mart packaging and the other was generic but neither said anything about what was in them. The girls asked if I would like them to cut open my boxes so I could make sure I had the right items. I declined LOL.

The Tranquility medium actually fit well and even though they are plastic backed they are the quietest diaper I’ve used. I can easily hide them and have been wearing them more or less nonstop for the last two days, going many hours between changes.  They are really leakproof and do a really good job of staying together.  The tapes are super sticky and have removable sections to retape.

The Attends Overnights are as I feared, much like the terrible cloth backed “breathable briefs” but with way more padding.  The breathable briefs are like wearing a lose plastic bag about a quarter filled with fluff.  These are similar but like mostly filled, so better.  Still the tapes are terrible and will not stay stuck long.

The Tranquility were 8 dollars for 12, and the Attends 13 dollars for 14 diapers. I’m going to buy more ATNs.