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I realized its been awhile since I’ve actually posted diaper girls  on my diapergirlpictures blog, so how about some comics.  I selected some of my favorite ones the other day and thought I’d post them according to themes.  The first theme is breastfeeding.  One of my all time favorite activities.

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Nick slid onto the bar stool next to the gorgeous redhead he had been watching for the last 30 minutes.  “Can I buy you a drink,” he asked in his smoothest possible voice.  The woman turned slowly and looked him in the eye with a scowl that slowly turned to an amused smile.

“Sure, I’ll have a mudslide,” she said with a laugh.

“Hey, can I get a mudslide for the lady and a Miller Light for me,” Nick said loudly to the bartender over the din of amplified rock music and noisy patrons.

“So you here alone tonight,” Nick asked.

“I don’t know you tell me, you’ve been watching me all night,” she replied.

A nervous laugh slid out of Nick’s throat, “Yeah, guilty.”

“Well I’m alone,” she replied. “How about you, you got some other buddies helping you on your stake out, or at least a wing man or something.”

“Umm, no look I’m sorry, I don’t usually do this kind of thing, you know like bars and stuff,” Nick answered.

“Recently divorced,” the redhead said matter of factly.

“Yeah, how did you know,” Nick said.

“I can read your mind,” she answered with complete seriousness.  A moment of awkward silence passed then she broke out laughing, and nick cracked up as well.

“I had you going there,” she said between laughs.  “My name is Lucy,” she said holding out her hand.

“Nick,” he answered taking her hand.

“Nick lets go grab that booth over there and I’ll try reading your thoughts,” Lucy said, reaching back to grab the untouched drink.

For the next hour Nick told Lucy all about his life, his ho-hum job for a telecom, his childless marriage that fell apart a month ago, his hobby of fishing, and his new little bachelor apartment.  He found it easy to talk to Lucy, she listened, asked questions and acted genuinely interested.  She told him about growing up in the South and moving to Michigan with her family, loving the cold winters, and eventually staying here when they moved back to Louisiana, about looking all her life for a soul mate, and her love of 80s power ballads.

It wasn’t long before Lucy invited Nick over to her place and he found himself making out with her the couch.  She gave him a look of eager anticipation and soon he was being pulled to her bedroom.   She pushed him against the bed and he fell backwards, Lucy fell on top of him and straddled his waist. “Do you want to be my baby,” Lucy said between kisses.

“Oh yeah,” Nick replied.

“Will you do anything  I ask,” Lucy asked playfully smiling.

“Yes, anything,” Nick answered.

“Great,” Lucy said pulling Nick’s shirt over his head, “Now undo your belt.”  Nick struggled to get his belt undone and yanked his pants off, while watching Lucy strip off her tight top revealing a lacey bra.  She pulled her pants down and let Nick get a good look at her tiny pink bikini panties.

She reached over and opened her nightstand and Nick convulsed in anticipation.  He hadn’t had sex in months and was sure she was about to pull some condoms out of the drawer.  Instead she pulled out a large folded plastic rectangle.  “Now layback,” Lucy said.

“Umm, what is that.” Nick said as he laid back.

“It’s your diaper,” Lucy said as she unfolded the adult diaper.  Nick was stunned to see the diaper was printed with babyish images and looked identical to a real baby diaper.

“Is this some kind of joke or something, where’s the cameras I’m getting punked right.” Nick said with a chuckle.

“Nope, now raise your bottom,” Lucy said in sweet voice.

“Hold on a minute, now, what’s going on here,” Nick said.

“Do you want to get these undies off or what,” Lucy said.

“Yeah OK,” Nick answered rising up and Lucy pulled his boxers off revealing his stiff hardon.  She caressed his cock and teased around it for a few moments then lifted up his bottom and slid the diaper underneath.  “Wait, what the hell is going on, I’m not into this kind of thing,” Nick said.

“You said you wanted to be my baby, and you said you’d do anything I asked.”

“Well yeah,” Nick answered.

“Just relax baby, you’re going to enjoy this I promise” Lucy said as she folded the diaper over his front and began to attach the tapes.  Despite the incredibly embarrassing conditions or perhaps because of them Nick felt his cock grow even larger.  Lucy stood over Nick with a big smile on her face then took off her pants and top revealing lacey panties.  Nick could tell that Lucy was hot with her clothes on, but now in her bra and panties Nick was stunned; her body was perfect.  She reached around to undo her bra, revealing her huge pert breasts.  She sat down on the bed next to Nick with her back against the headboard and guided his head to one of her nipples, where Nick happily latched on.

Lucy stroked Nick’s hair and held onto his head while he sucked like an infant even though Lucy’s breasts contained no milk.  Eventually she guided his head to the other breast and Nick continued to suck and started humping his cock against her leg.  The wild crinkling sounds reminded him he was wearing a big plastic diaper.  Despite the extreme embarrassment he was more turned on then he had even been in his life.

Lucy pulled her teat from Nick’s mouth and slid her panties down then pushed him towards her pussy.  “Be a good baby, lick and suck for mommy,” she said and Nick happily followed directions.  As she grew even more heated she grabbed Nick’s head and held him tight and screamed, “Faster, suck, suck, come on.”  Nick was working her clitoris as fast as he could and suddenly felt even more pressure from her hands as her body arched.  She came with a violent moan that continued for several seconds then collapsed into bed.  Nick collapsed as well, his mouth was completely worn out, he stood up and began to slide the diaper off his legs, but it was taped on tightly.

“Whoa, there what are you doing,” Lucy asked.

“I’m going to take this off so you can return the favor,”Nick said with a smug grin.

“No, do not take your diaper off,” Lucy commanded.

“Umm, no, this is fucked up,” Nick said and ripped one of the large oversized tapes off.  He immediately collapsed in pain, some of the worst stomach cramps he’d ever had.

“I warned you,” Lucy said with a chuckle.

“What the fuck,” Nick yelled between a moan of pain.

“Stick the tape back on Nick,” Lucy commanded.  Nick felt a slight compulsion to do as she said, and quickly reattached the tape.  He immediately felt the stomach cramps began to subside but it took nearly a minute for the pain to completely go away.  Nick laid in the floor in the fetal position covered in sweat and breathing hard, his hands wrapped around his stomach then looked up at Lucy who was grinning at him from ear to ear.

“What the fuck have you done to me, he said through clinched teeth.

“I think I’ve heard enough from your mouth, stop cursing,” Lucy commanded.

“Bullshit, what have you done, drugged me or something,” Nick said, but even before he finished he felt a wave of pain pass through his stomach.  He folded back up to his fetal position again.

“No I haven’t drugged you Nick,” Lucy said with a chuckle, “But unless you enjoy pain it would be best if you do as I say.”

“How are you making my stomach hurt like that,” Nick said in anger.

“Well actually I’m not making your stomach hurt, you are,” Lucy said.

“That’s nuts, why would I do that,” Nick asked.

“You’re subconscious is punishing you for not doing as I say,” she answered, “Why don’t you follow me into the living room dear, we’ll have a drink,”  Lucy said as she walked naked across the floor stepping over Nick and taking a robe from a hanger on the door she left the bedroom.  Nick felt a strong compulsion to follower her and did, his diaper crinkled as he walked.  He saw himself in the dresser mirror, the diaper was a very close reproduction of a baby diaper, it had soft pastel print and one single tape on each side.  Nick was stunned by how babyish it looked.  “Nick, I’m waiting,” Lucy said.  Nick quickly left the room in fear of the stomach pain.

Lucy was waiting for him on the couch, in one hand she held a wine glass filled with red, the other a baby bottle with a large oversized nipple, filled with white milk.  She handed Nick the bottle, “Here, nurse this bottle while I explain some things,” Lucy ordered.

Nick took the bottle from her hand without even thinking about it, he raised the nipple towards his mouth and then stopped, “I’m not drinking this, I don’t even know what it is.”

“It’s milk, what else would a baby drink,” Lucy said.

“I’m not a baby,” Nick yelled back.

“Ha that’s what you think, start sucking,” she commanded with a laugh.

Before Nick even knew what he was doing the bottle was in his mouth and he had latched on to large rubber nipple, he yanked the bottle out of his mouth and dropped it on the floor, within moments he collapsed on the floor with the uncontrollable stomach cramps.  He desperately reached for the bottle and began to suck like crazy.  Much to his relief the pain began to subside.

“That’s better, now keep that in your mouth and listen, I don’t enjoy seeing you in pain,” Lucy said.  “As I told you back at the bar I can read minds, I know you thought it was a joke, but it’s not.  My powers don’t just stop at mind reading, as you see I can influence minds as well.  The more connected I am with a person the more influence I have.  You already feel my hold in your mind, in time it will grow more natural.”  Nick lay on the floor clutching the bottle with both hands and sucking the milk as Lucy explained, the fear in his mind was paralyzing him because he knew she wasn’t lying.

“There is one drawback to my powers; they need fuel in the form of emotions.  Every psychic feeds from different combinations of emotions, some happiness, love, anger, pain, others fear, my power comes from humiliation, lust, and feelings of nurturing; the more you feel these things the stronger I become.  Over the years I’ve tried different ways to manifest these emotions in people, I found that emasculation and regression one of deepest humiliations which also leads to a strong lust, and a nurturing relationship thus the diapers and baby treatment.  Sorry I have to do this to you, but unfortunately Nick I need your emotions.  Now it’s Friday night and I’m getting tired, plus babies need a lot sleep.  I know you have a job to go to Monday, but until then consider yourself mine, and remember the more you fight it and fail to follow commands the worse it will feel for you.”

“Wait, I have to go home, I can’t be gone all weekend,”  Nick said then immediately stuck the bottle nipple back in his mouth.

“Nick, remember I’m a psychic I can read your mind, you were thinking of calling a buddy for golf, and you need to feed your fish.  Both can wait until Monday,” Lucy explained.

“There is no way I’m going along with this, I’m not going to stay here all weekend,” Nick said in anger.

“You act as if you had a choice in the matter,” Lucy said with a laugh, “Now I think you are feeling sleepy, your eyes are getting tired and your body feels so heavy and worn out, you’re going to finish sucking your bottle and fall into such a deep baby sleep, you’re so tired that you don’t even care how full your bladder is, it doesn’t matter you’re wearing a diaper you don’t have to hold it anymore,” Lucy continued in a sweet motherly voice and then walked out of the living room.

Nick indeed felt himself getting sleepy, he was telling himself not to fall asleep, not to fall into this woman’s trap.  He tried to get up but collapsed back on his belly.  He tried to stop sucking the bottle but he kept finding it back in his mouth, the oversized teat filled his mouth so well and the milk he sucked out of it was so good he couldn’t stop.  Nick also felt that he did have a full bladder and needed to pee.  “I’ve got to use the bathroom before I fall asleep,” Nick said between yawns.

“Oh my poor little guy is so tuckered out he can’t even make it to his crib,” Lucy said returning from the hallway, “Mommy will just let you take a little nap here on the floor.”  She moved the coffee table and spread out a soft blanket then rolled Nick onto it, he was too tired to resist.  She tucked a small pillow under his head and spread a baby blue blanket over the top of him.  Nick could feel that the bottle was almost gone and in complete humiliation he couldn’t stop his bladder from relaxing, he felt the warm wetness spreading out through his diaper and couldn’t help but find it incredibly peaceful.  He fell asleep with the bottle nipple still in his mouth.



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