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Not sure what this is from, but I like it.





So here we have a diaper girl in a very cute onesie with a very obvious diaper underneath, she’s sitting on a baby blanket and drinking from a bottle which makes the picture even better, but then there is the kid in the left hand corner taking a nap in the chair.  It could be a life size doll, its kind of hard to tell but I think its a young kid.  That’s just really weird.  I thought maybe it was like a halloween thing, but I doubt it.  I’m wondering how old this girl is, she may be younger then she looks, maybe that’s her little brother and its normal for her to play baby in the middle of the floor while someone takes her picture?


Megan P photos were probably some of the first diaper girl pictures I saw on the internet, they may not have been the first but they made the biggest impression.  They range from super cute to kind of creepy but the photographer actually knew what he was doing and made some excellent portraits.  There is a big set of her doing product pictures for the babykins website as well.

This is an oldie.