Making Horrible Diapers Better

I was checking out the Goodwill store the other day and came across a great deal on some diapers.  It seems like anytime I find thrift store diapers they are either the blue Wings brand or the blue First Quality, which is sad since they both suck.  Still 18 diapers for 2 bucks is a pretty sweet deal.


So as I’m sure you know the cheap adult diapers are horrible.  The padding is thin and doesn’t have enough super absorbent gel to hold much.  Once the padding gets wet it starts to clump to the bottom and you’ll be experiencing leaks in a very short time.  The best way to make these useful is to add some extra absorbency which also spreads out the wetness.


I was recently in the Dollar General store and noticed that they carry a size 7 toddler diaper in a package of 20 for $5.50.  They also have DG poise pads in a pack of 12 for $3.50.  I couldn’t decide which would make the best booster pad so I got both.  Both work very well for stuffers and absorb a good deal of wetness.  It’s hard to say which works better, the pad definitely swells up bigger and may actually hold more moisture but the diaper is bigger and does a better job of spreading it out.  The diapers and the pads weigh almost the same, but the pads have sticky backs which make them a bit easier to use.  The diapers have the tabs which need to be torn off making them a bit more of a hassle to use as a stuffer.


So I thought, well if I want MAXIUM ABSORBANCY why not use both.  If I have time I like to use some hot glue to secure the smaller diaper in the adult diaper.  I think it’s a good idea to stretch both out when you glue them down so that the elastic of the baby diaper gets a bit stretched out helping support the adult diaper.  Of course make sure you use some kind of tool to poke lots of holes in the baby diaper before hand.  Cuts with a knife work but allow the gel to spill out.


Poke holes in the pad and stick it down inside the baby diaper.  Now you’ve got triple layer protection.  It’s really important to make sure the diaper is supported in some way because the cheap diaper will probably fall apart once it starts to get heavy.  A onesie is ideal, but even pants will work fine.img_9262

One last consideration on any adult diaper is the tapes.  Baby diapers use a single tape that is around 1-2 inches wide.  Adult diapers use two tapes that are about 1-2 inches wide.  Seems to me that they would work better with a single tape that is about 4 inches wide.  So I replaced the top tape with a piece of 4 inch long duct tape.  This allows you to pull the diaper around your hips tighter and after a couple hours was still secure.




One of the advantages to stuffer/cheap diaper combo over an expensive diaper is discreteness.  Wearing an expensive diaper like an Abena is going to be more noticble especially in the rear.  This diaper is really only thick in the crotch.

After a couple hours and some serious wettings the diaper didn’t have the super soggy about to fall off feel and the wetness indicators hadn’t changed colors.  IT was getting nice and squishy in the front though.


How about price?  The 2 stuffers in this diaper cost about 60 cents and the diaper its self a measly  10 cents, but closer to about 60 cents at full price.  In comparison an Abena L4 is just a bit under 2 dollars.  It’s not really a very good comparison, and I don’t have any scientific data but I’d guess that the cheap diaper double stuffed will still be leaking before the Abena due to how horrible the elastic is on the cheap diaper.

Just like their adult counterparts, cheap baby diapers are thin, have crappy elastic, and just don’t hold nearly as much wetness. It’s amazing how thin and cheap these Dollar General store diapers are, compared to any national brand diaper they are horrible.  For a couple more dollars Luvs probably swell up twice as thick.  If you want the ultimate in super swelling diapers then Huggies Overnites will absorb like crazy.






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