So hey been a long time, so I recently purchased some Tykables, in a store.  There are maybe 4 places in the world where you could buy these and I just happened to be driving by one, Personal Medical Supplies in Fort Wayne Indiana.  In short they are amazing and if I ever buy diapers from anywhere other than thrift stores they will be Tykables.  They were the cheapest “adult baby diaper” in the store, at only 25 dollars per pack of ten.  They are the only diaper that comes in a pack that actually looks like a real diaper package.  Finally they were just amazing.  Just as they look incredibly cute and babyish on these young ladies, they looked incredibly cute and babyish on me.

They soaked up a huge amount and puffed up just like an Abena, maybe not quite as absorbent as that, but close.  They are a bit smaller then Abena L4, and maybe not as tall as some adult diapers which is a good thing making them look a bit less like underwear.