The Tena Stretch diaper comes in an Ultra absorbency and a Super absorbency, my sample was the Ultra and Northshore Care says it’s capacity is 19 oz.   When I first took the diaper out and looked it at I was kind of surprised by its size.  It’s a Large/XL but to me much closer to the XL.  The diaper doesn’t have stand up leak guards, but does have a good stretchy cuff.  The Stretch brief is cloth covered and has elastic side attachments.  It is fastnened by one large hook and loop fastener per side, so its made pretty much an oversized modern baby diaper.  The L/XL size was too big for me in pretty much all dimensions.  I had to pull the sides so close that they actually met in the center of the front panel.  It took a bit a futzing to get them to connect but once they did they stayed.

I was fascinated by the diapers construction because i realized it was truly like a blown up baby diaper and could be even more so if the hook and loop fasteners were cut down just a bit.  I wore the diaper out and around for awhile and found it to be very quiet and very comfortable.  Because it was so large it was more noticeable under my shorts then some, but not so bad that I felt self conscious.  Absorbency wise it worked well, it didn’t leak though I know I didn’t really soak it all at once.  As it started getting more full and heavier the more secure and elastic fit seemed to help it stay up and be more comfortable.

The Ultra medium size is very nicely priced, it comes in packs of 36 and sells for less then a dollar a diaper.  The medium ultra size is also lavender which I would much prefer over the beige. This could be a real great diaper if the Medium fits me better, the medium only claims 16 oz absorbency but if you paired it with a big booster it could be a great around the house diaper, and its size and great fit make it excellent for wearing out.  I’m definitely going to try the stretch in medium next time I order diapers and if I was actually diaper dependent and the Medium fits better it might be one of my all time favorites.