I received a Tranquility Slimline diaper in my HDIS variety pack and tried it out recently.  Slimlines are available in plastic or cloth covered, my sample was plastic.  It is pretty similar to the Tranquility ATN which I’ve already used in fact its basically the same diaper with less thickness.  Coming from the Attends I was surprised by how quiet the Tranquility was in comparison.  The plastic is less crinkly and stays stuck pretty well to the absorbent mat inside.  It has two tapes and fits pretty decently, but once stuck the tapes will not come unstuck without ripping the diaper.  It’s not as bulky as its overnight counterpart the ATN or the Attends even, but not as trim fitting as a Depend.  It’s not very noticeably under clothes though and the quieter plastic helps with that.    I wore this diaper for about 4 hours and did several activities in it including alot of walking.  After a couple of decent wettings it was still in pretty good shape.  It’s noticeably more absorbent then the Attends I had just worn or the Depends I usually wear.  At about 3 hours it began to clump but no where near as bad as the Attends did. At 4 hours and 3-4 decent wettings it was on the verge of failing.

The Tranquility briefs have double cuff leak barriers like most better diapers, but they noticeably not as good as an Abenas or really even a Depends which has a good stand up leak guards.  The Slimlines will still outperform a Depend diaper with its high absorbency.  Tranquility’s peach mat pad is very good at staying together even when very wet.    It’s rated at 22 ounces for a size large.  And at Northshore care is available for a bit under one dollar per diaper for the plastic backed version.

The Tranquility slimline is a bit more expensive then a Wings or Attends brand, but not by very much.  If you’ve tried WIngs, which is in my opinion probably the most common diaper sold for incontience, at least its the most common that shows up in thrift stores, then you know just how bad an adult diaper can be.  The Tranquility slimline is a good diaper for the price, but you can get a ATN for just about 20 cents more a diaper and probably wear it nearly twice as long.  If you are a person who needs a more discreet diaper then a great option could be Slimlines with booster pads, which would give you similar absorbency to an ATN for only a little bit more money and the option of having a thinner diaper when you need it.