Attends with Waistband Review

I’m going to be working my way through my HDIS variey pack and giving my impressions of the diapers.

Lets start with Attends with waistband.  The second package of adult diapers I ever purchased was Attends back around 99 when they were available in Wal-Marts.  These were the Proctor and Gamble brand and were really great.  More on them another day.

Attends are an all together differnent creature now.  They are quite a bit cheaper, selling by the case for around 76 cents per diaper.  They are plastic backed and they have a similar waistband to the old ones, and 3 tapes though the tapes are different.  The tapes were very good and once stuck for awhile would not come unstuck at all.   The first thing that I noticed about Attends when I first tried them was how much more roomy they were.  Where Depends seemed to be designed to fit more like Underwear Attends were snug around the legs but a bit puffy everywhere else, more roomy and thicker.  They are still designed to be more roomy then other diapers I think but they no longer have the thicker padding.  They were a bit more noticeable under my pants from their larger size, but far more noticeable was the plastic rustling, they are really noisy.  The abosrbent core isn’t stuck very well to the plastic and they make a ton of noise.

I wore an Attend for about an hour working outside then a couple more hours in the house.  At first it seemed a bit more absorbent then a Depends, but soon I realized I was wrong.  I wet while sitting on the couch; when  I got up I was surprised to see two big wet spots where it had ran out the sides, at this point that diaper wasn’t really that wet but it had already failed.  THere are no leak guards and I believe that leak guards really help when a diaper is flooded with a larger volume, but there are no leak guards in lots of diapers that perform better than this.

As I continued to wear the Attend and be mindful of sitting on the furniture it became to resemble wearing a big plastic bag filled with goop.  The abosrbing material all packed in the middle and formed a big goopy wad.

XP medical has the Attends maximum capacity at 18 oz.  Even though its the cheapest diaper they sell, its the most expensive per ounce of capacity.

For an incontinent persons purposes I think the Attends was pretty horrible.  Noisy, hard to hide, prone to leak and needing to be changed after a couple of wettings.  For an adult baby’s purposes it could be an OK diaper.  If you want to experience a leaky, saggy, noisy diaper that is hard to hide and feels like wearing a big plastic bag this is the diaper to go with.


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