The Diaper Challenge is over, I didn’t quite make it the entire time.  I could have went 60 hours in diapers, but decided to quite after 40.

Lets see how I did following each of the rules.

A. Incontinence:  I never used the toliet for the first 40 hours diapered, but surprisingly only had two bowel movements in that time.  The first night I experienced near urge incontinence, or basically an almost unending need to pee. I would pee a bit and within a minute feel the need to pee again I would often find myself peeing without hardly thinking about it.  I think this came from the amount of fluids I drank and spending the day trying my best not to hold any urine.  I lost count of the number of diapers I wore but there were many changes on the first day as I was wearing nothing but Depends.  I got my Abena and Tranquility diapers in the afternoon of the first day and that vastly cut down on the number of changes I needed which was kind of nice but also kind of against the more babyish feeling I was trying to achieve.  I had no problems falling asleep in my diaper the first night and slept through the night in a fairly wet Tranquility.  I usually wake up to pee in the middle of the night, sometimes twice, so I planned on changing in the middle of the night. but slept until morning then flooded the Tranquility.  The second night I took of my wet diaper and decided to sleep nude and in the morning decided I was done.

B. Fluids:  For 24 hours I drank nothing but milk and juice lots and lots of milk and juice and only a bit of water.  Eventually I gave in and drank soda on day two.  I did several things outdoors on the second day and didn’t keep up with my fluid routine very well.

C.  Foods:  For the first 24 hours I ate nothing but baby cereal, baby food, and animal crackers.  I ate about 4 containers of vegetables, and about 5 containers of fruits and about 4 bowls of baby cereal and one box of prunes.  I expected all the fluid and mushy food would give me more frequent and loose poops, but it seemed to have an almost opposite effect.  I had a fairly small and normal poop the first morning..  On the second day I started off with a big bowl of baby food cereal but when I finished with work and returned home the thought of more baby food disgusted me and I ate some adult food.  I was beginning to get fixated on eating something besides mush.  It would have been interesting to have been forced to continue eating baby food because like a real baby I think I would have started spitting it out.

D.  Dress:  I wore my Rainbow Bright and Winnie the pooh T-shirts when I was at home pretty much the entire time.  I never bothered with much dressing up and never got out the sewing machine.  The first night I actually went out into my backyard in my very short T-shirt and a diaper.  It was late and seemed extra dark outside.  My yard is like half fenced in and all the outside lights were out so it wasn’t all that risky.  I sat in my swing for about 15 minutes sucking a pacifier and enjoyed being somewhat exposed in my babyish attire.

E.  Oral Fixation:  I followed this rule very well the first day and kept either a bottle or pacifier in my mouth nearly constantly.  The second day I wasn’t quite as good at the rule I didn’t drink quite as many bottles and I didn’t remember to keep the paci in mouth almost as constantly.

So why did I quit early?  The first day I had a fabulous time.  A majority of my calories came from liquids, I drank like 8 bottles of fluid.  I wore a TENA classic with a Tranquility Topliner booster to work and was wetting alot, I was trying really hard not to hold any urine because I was worried a flood would leak to my pants so I was consciously trying to pee as much as possible.  When I got home my shipment of diapers had arrived, Abena X-plus and Tranquility ATNs.  I put on an Abena and watched some cartoons and drank a few more bottles over the next few hours.  All through this time I was peeing a small amount every few minutes and I pretty much felt like I always needed to pee.  I never lost complete control but often the urge to pee would hit me so quickly that I couldn’t hold it.  I was feeling “baby bliss” an euphoric sense of happiness with my surroundings and sensations of the plump soaked Abena.

The next day I never really had the the same sensation nor did I have the same desire to be diapered.  I knew the family would be home the next day and that was on my mind.  I had several projects to accomplish, and stayed busy, for some reason I didn’t allow myself to just relax and enjoy the baby life as I had done on the first night.  I went ahead and wore a diaper all day long, but it just didn’t feel the same.  Instead of drinking alot of fluid and focusing on relaxing and keeping the pee flowing I instead got dehydrated from working outside and not drinking enough, I didn’t pee all that much and when I did it was just like normal, like I was using the toliet in my diaper.  By nightfall I was ready to take the diaper off and not worry about peeing and getting the bed wet.

I’ve always been fascinated with incontinence and always wished I could experience it, but a couple of days in diapers makes one realize how lucky they are to be able to pee when they want.  Maybe one day I’ll get an opportunity to go 24 hours a day for several more days perhaps I’ll be able to keep my interest in it longer.