IMG_2812Well I’ve completed my first ever 24 hours diapered straight, and managed to follow all the rules of my diaper challenge so far.

My shipment of premium diapers arrived yesterday, it was in plain brown box and securely taped from all sides.  The Abena’s and Tranquility ATN have both been stress tested and now I’m ready to give my opinions.

First, look just how freaking big that package of Abenas is.  It’s freaking huge, both packages contain 12 diapers.  The Abenas not only look bigger but weigh alot more as well.  Both diapers have plastic backing and 2 tapes, they also both have the double tapes, the regular ones that are refastenable and the blue ones that once stuck will never come unstuck.  The Abena is a bigger diaper and thicker obviously from the package, but neither one felt uncomfortably big.  Both diapers are very absorbent, the abena to the point of madness.

I wore the Abena all afternoon and into the evening after drinking lots of fluids and  really soaked it.  I just kept wetting and it just kept soaking it up.  It never leaked but it was starting to get the the point where it was so heavy it could fall off.  It was the first adult diaper I’ve ever worn that really swelled up like a baby diaper does.  As the front of the diaper became soaked the moisture kept working its way back and the padding stayed put, I had no trouble with clumping.  I eventually changed it since it was starting to get really droopy, I was surprised by how much padding was still dry near the back of the diaper.  The plastic was quieter then many plastic diapers and very good, soft but not deforming and stretchy.

IMG_2815The Tranquility came on late in the evening and was worn all night.  It’s no where as thick as the Abena but still much thicker then your average adult diaper.  I wet it a couple of times before I went to bed and it seemed to still be dry so I decided not to change before bed.  I woke up around 5 and wet while laying on my back and felt it soak into the back of the diaper.  I rolled onto my stomach and about an hour later flooded the diaper with a long drawn out pee.  I felt the front saturate and then start soaking into the disposable pad I was laying on.  I can’t really blame the diaper for this though it was already wet before I went to bed and laying on your stomach like that the pee had nowhere to go but out the front.  The diaper was totally soaked when I took it off and it was clumping up in the middle, but still nowhere as bad as most cheaper diapers.

The Abena is by far a better diaper, but it also cost about 1.70 per diaper.  The Tranquility ATN only cost 1.25.  Hard to say if its really worth the extra.  If you needed a diaper you could wear for a really long time, or if you’re wanting one that mimics the properties of a baby diaper then the Abena is the way to go I think.  If you want to save money you could probably wear 1 ATN for the same amount of time you could wear two Depends and at a 1.25 per diaper your going to save alot of money.











My Abena soaked up enough pee to weigh over two pounds.

My Abena soaked up enough pee to weigh over two pounds.