Everyone is gone and I’ve spent the last hour dragging my many boxes of AB stuff from their hiding places and set up the baby zone.  I’m diapered and just a little bit wet.   Just had a bottle and some cereal and now I’ve got to put on some grown up clothes and do a few things outside.

Nope not mine, I wish…

I’m a little worried about my diaper area, its rather large.  I could probably cover it all up in a few minutes but I can’t think of any reason why I would.  Almost anyone who would come to my house is gone right now.

So what could keep me from completing this challenge.  The number one thing is poop.  I’ve been eating alot of fiber and upped my liquids in preparation for the challenge.  I typically have one poop every morning.  Yesterday I had an extra poop in the afternoon.  If I’m out or at work I can’t poop in my diaper.  if its bad enough I’ll have to use a toliet and ruin the challenge.  I’m also worried I may get real sick of baby food.  I’m going to be eating more or less the same stuff for the next couple of days and drinking lots of milk.  I’ll have to make sure I don’t get weak and go buy some nachos.

When I tried this last time I couldn’t wear to work and that made the whole thing kind of pointless.  I had an entire week to myself but got bored of diapers, I also could never get to sleep while wearing.  I’d often give up at 2AM and take the diaper off, then I’d fall asleep almost instantly.

I think I’ll use a little Nyquill to help with that this time.