Well no… but its still kind of a big decision.

What diapers to buy.

I’ve only purchased plastic pants online, I’ve never bought disposables and as I’m sure that anyone who has looked knows, its almost impossible to find a decent adult diaper in a physical store.  You’ll find Depends, Attends, or the medical brands which are often horrible.  Online there are lots of choices, too many perhaps.

So before you buy anything you need to ask yourself, what is it that I need.  When I’m wearing diapers in public I need a discreet product that doesn’t leak.  If I’m wearing at home I want the maximum bulk and noise and I also don’t want to worry about leaking on the furniture.  According to Northshorecare’s website Depends diapers hold 14 oz.  The average wetting is probably around 6-7 oz, so thats why after 2 wettings my Depends feel like they are totally soaked.

Now compare that to a Tranquility ATN with 33 oz capacity.  That’s almost a full day of urine.  Then there is the Abena X-plus, with its 36 oz capacity, but higher price tag then the tranquility.  WHile I’m excited about the size and absorbancy of these I’m also a little concerned about the fact that I’m spending 1.50 per diaper.  Also while in adult baby mode I like diaper changing, and from the way it sounds you don’t need to change these diapers very often.

So right now I’m thinking of one pack of Abena and one pack of Tranquility, but that totally ignores my other situation, the wear in public situation.  I’ll probably be able to wear these super diapers in public, but not at work, and even then they may be too thick.  I’ve seen several recomendations for Attends Breathable Briefs Extra Protection for a discreet diaper that offers descent protection and they are cheaper at about a dollar per diaper, but I think I’ve already got that area covered with my Depends and TENA classics which both can be worn nearly invisibly under clothes.

I’m going to go on a big thrift store search soon and hopefully find some diapers but I’ve got to make my order before that.

In 36 hours the Diaper Challenge will begin.  I’m getting pretty stoked!