I’ve been asking myself recently, why not cloth?

Last summer I got heavily into cloth diapers.  For the first time in years I had more free time then I knew what to do with and I started sewing diapers and diaper covers.  SInce I don’t know how to sew the results are mixed.  I made one cloth diaper out of a piece of flannel and about 5 T-shirts for soakers, it can’t handle much pee, but its thin enough to wear out of the house, unlike the rest.  About 6 years ago my first experience with a cloth diaper was during my first 24 hour challenge and it went terribly.  I had some plastic pants and I had made what I thought was a cloth diaper out of a microfiber blanket I bought cheap at a dollar store.  I was under the impression that plastic pants would prevent leaks.  I was wrong.  My family was gone for the week and i had set up a sleeping area on the floor with several blankets.  I was unable to wear a diaper throughout the night this entire week because I couldn’t sleep and had to get up every morning early for work.  The night I was wearing the cloth diaper I had maybe wet it just a little, while I was laying in my blankets I began to wet.  I realized in about 30 seconds that almost all of that pee had poured right through the diaper and soaked my blankets and the floor.

This is how I like to wear my cloth diapers too.

I learned last summer that for a cloth diaper to really work right its got to be thick and layered.   I have some prefold diapers I’ve made that can be worn folded so that they are extremely bulky in the crotch and these can handle several wettings but the thick crotch keeps your legs spread apart, I’ve wore these working in the back yard, and I probably shouldn’t it looks exactly like I have a diaper on under my shorts.  I did lots of reading last summer about how to actually use cloth diapers on children and applied some of that.  I have to keep my adult baby stuff hidden from the rest of my family and I never considered I could hide everything that goes with wearing cloth diapers, mainly the wet diapers.  I found a 3 gallon trashcan and used it as a diaper pail.  It would hold about 5 wet cloth diapers, which was about 2 diaper day’s for more.  Washing and drying didn’t turn out to be much of a problem, but it was definitly more work.  Also it takes usually like ten minutes to change a wet cloth with all the folding and pinning.

So why not some money and use cloth for my 48 hour challenge?

I’ve got to work some during that period and I can’t wear the cloth diapers to work.

I want to leave the house and I can’t really go places in cloth diapers, nor can I change cloth diapers while out of the house.  Sure I guess I could carry a huge backpack around and get a wet bag but I’m not quite up to that.

Disposable diapers seem more, authentic.  This sounds kind of wrong, but my reasoning is that 99% of babies wear disposable diapers now.

On some kind of level I want to “use” diapers, I want to go through lots of diapers during this challenge.  I want to see a trashbag full of rolled up diapers I’ve used.  I know this sounds crazy, but that’s what’s on my mind.

CLoth diapers are great for when I want to spend a long period of time in a diaper without a change, they are time consuming to put on and lends themselves to being doubled up with a baby prefold for a stuffer and being worn for a long time.  I want to do lots of diaper changes during this challenge.