I went on a diaper mission the other day to a pharmacy where I had bought some TENA classic diapers in the past.  Kind of a backwater, I went there about 3 years ago and was surprised to see TENA brand diapers.  I’d never seen them in any pharmacy.  I was even more surprised by the price.  7.40 for 12 diapers, probably the original price when they were ordered in 2001?  I bought 2 out of 4 packs.  Besides the Tena they also had several various brands of diapers that you often find in small pharmacys like Medline or First Quality.

What was so wild was the age of some of these packages, they had to have been like ten years old, if not older.   If you remember back to adult diapers, and baby diapers for that matter, of the 90s the bags where huge.  A bag of Depends with 16 large diapers is not as big as a package of 90s Huggies with 20 something large diapers.  I went back a year later and bought on of these huge packages of old diapers, they were crap.

So I went back a few days ago and found that all the old diapers were gone, they’d all been replaced with pull style briefs, but I rejoiced that there was one package of the TENA Classics left.  I wore one for about 4 hours thursday at my first job.   After several wettings it was still feeling dry, no leaks, and I could have worn it longer, but it was time to change.  Switched to a Depends for the second job and had to do some creative underwear selection to quiet it down.  If I was in a silent small room it was noticeable, but anywhere else it was silent.

So nearly 8 hours diapered THursday

Friday I was able to be in diapers from 6 AM to 7PM.  During that time i used the toliet once for a bowel movement because I didn’t  want to change a messy diaper right before going to work.  For the challenge I won’t have that luxury.  I wore my first diaper from 6AM to 10:30AM, and I worked from about 3 hours of that time.  I was worried by the end of the period that I was going to start leaking.

A while back I found Youth size Tranquility ATN diapers.  These things have amazing capacity, then though they are youth size they are heavier dry then any other diaper I currently have.  I used one of these as a booster and wore another medline from 10:30 to 4:30.  I did some shopping around 11 in preparation for the challenge, I bought a diaper genie for 3 bucks and a huge teddy bear for 2 dollars at a local thrift store.  Then  I went the grocery store and bought milk, a lot of baby food, and animal crackers.  I was going to buy baby formula but it was far to expensive.  I’m still going to get some for the challenge if I can find some at a better price.  The diaper genie is something I’ve always wanted, but didn’t think I could keep hidden, but its tall and easily slides into a box I have.  I can squeeze diapers through the hole, but I wont’ be able to squeeze a double diaper or even a diaper with a booster.   It’s going to be an important part of my nursery area I’m setting up for the challenge.  I drank 2 bottles of milk ate a little adult food and some baby food for lunch.

attendsI worked from 1 to 7 and was a bit worried about how puffy my pants looked with the ATN stuffer.  You couldn’t really tell with my T-shirt hanging down, but if I turned to the side and pulled the T-shirt up it was pretty obvious my mid section was to fluffy.  I dug through my box of junk and found some plastic pants I bought at a pharamcy years ago in size medium.  THese used to not fit but I’ve lost weight recently and now I can wear them, though they are a bit tight around the legs.  They were pretty much a necessity to keep the crappy medline diaper from becoming super saggy as the ATN began to get heavy.  They also function to make the diapers totally silent, even though the medline is cloth backed it’s a bit noisy.  I removed the ATN stuffer around 2:30 and it was soaked but could have probably held more.

My last job Friday night was in a place where I was completely alone and I had brought a TENA classic to change into.  I changed around 4:30 and as I suspected the Medline was pretty much at its limit of wear after only a couple of hours.  I left off the plastic pants which had become very uncomfortable and it felt wonderful to have just the single dry TENA diaper on.  I want to make a quick note on baby powder here.  I have realized now especially after Friday how wonderful baby powder is.  I recently bought some Wal-Mart cornstartch type for like 1.50 and it has a very strong baby scent.  I don’t think I could have survived working all day wihtout heavily powdering.  The powder just makes the entire diaper area so much more comfortable and after 13 hours yesterday in wet and sweaty hot diapers I have no ill effects on my skin today.

It seems like the diapers, even the thicker ones, are not noticeable under my clothes, I hope I’m not fooling myself and everyone is talking behind my back about how big my rear end looks.  I’m actually more worried about the top of the diaper somehow working its way of my pants and then being very noticeable when I bend over.  Got to be careful about that, I’ve been wearing diapers in public for a long time, but never to any place I’ve worked.  I’m glad that this is a choice for me but its nice to know that I could easily wear all the time if I had to.