Gossamery Institute Part 2 More Sissy Hypnosis phone calls.


Diapered Road Trip

I had to do some traveling recently and I went diapered.  I started the trip in a Crinklz diaper.  These are my new favorite diaper.  The padding is firm which makes the shape more noticeable under clothes.  I don’t think a single one would be noticeable under anything but a really light shorts or pants, but they also have a noticeable crinkle which made me self concsious.

My first stop was about three hours in where I met an old friend for lunch.  No one knows about my diapers and I could easily hear the diaper crinkle as I met him, but again you’d have to be a diaper detective to actually notice it.


I did some Good will shopping at my next stop where I came across 4 great finds.  Two pairs of heels, in size 13W.  Turns out these are a bit big for me.  I really need to find some cute shoes in 12 or maybe even 11W.  I bought them though because how often can you find high heel shoes in size 13?  I also got a slutty short denim skirt and a beautiful Lacey white skirt. At the last Goodwill where I found all this I had been in the diaper for 6 hours, it was swollen but unlike many diapers I’ve worn it wasn’t starting to fall apart.

artsy summer dress lowI was staying at a friends house and I had originally planned on wearing the diaper until bed time, but it was 8 hours by the time I got there and I had a very obvious bulge in the front of my pants.  I stopped at a store and went in and removed it without changing.

legs in mirror 1

The return trip would see me driving home late into the evening and finally into the dark.  I wore another Crinklz but this time reinforced it with a couple of booster pads.  I wanted to be wide awake for the drive home and I also wanted to push the limits of the Crinklz diaper.  I had a huge mountain dew with lunch and refilled the cup to go.  I made a few stops along the way drinking lots of water and coffee.

legs in mirror 2A couple hours into the drive I stopped at a TJ Maxx to buy some gifts for the family.  The Crinklz diaper was starting to get pretty thick and because I was feeling stupid I went to the rest room and pulled it up to make sure it was visible above my shorts.  I doubt anyone noticed but I was definitely in uncharted territory.


Back on the road I took off my shorts and put on the short denim skirt I had bought.  Oh wow, looking down at my shaved legs, with a bulging swollen diaper poking out of my skirt I was incredibly turned on.  For the next couple hours I enjoyed constantly rubbing the front of my diaper.  I had brought a Nuk 5 pacifier and when it was close to dark I popped it in my mouth and left it there nearly all the way home.

By six hours on the road The front of the diaper was completely soaked and I began to feel wetness seeping down between my legs,  I thought I was going to leak, but to my surprise it was just the first time I’d actually felt moisture in the diaper.  The front was so saturated pee started going to the back.  Still I didn’t want to leak and I had brought a Luvs size 4 to use as a booster so I stuck it in.

20180622_203230Seven hours in I stopped at a rest stop.  Of course I didn’t need to use the restroom but I did want get all the trash out of my car and stretch my legs.  It was dark and I parked at the far end, but there were several cars near the middle.  I debated putting my shorts on but decided to just go for it.  I got out of the car and started collecting up all the trash from the different sides of the car and made several trips to the trashcan about 30 feet away.  I remember the heels I’d bought and put a pair on while I walked around my car. Walking in the short skirt and heels felt so amazing with a comically swollen diaper poking out.  I felt the most sensual, vulnerable, and sexual that I have perhaps ever felt.  People were driving by but I don’t think anyone noticed.

20180622_222242The diaper was insane swollen when I got home, but it had never leaked.  In the last 8 hours I’d drank over a gallon of water, coffee, and soda and now my diaper was holding it all.  I had to shuffle with my legs far apart to the garage where I admired the vastness of it in the mirror.  I went to bed with my wife, super horny but also super tired.

I woke up with an incredibly strong desire to suckle I actually was making the suckling motions with my mouth.  I began sucking a thumb with one hand and held my throbbing dick with the other.  I fell back asleep like this.  When I woke up in the morning I couldn’t take it anymore.  I stuck a toy up my rear and watched in amazement as I began to dribble precum.  I hadn’t had an orgasm in many days so I guess it was ready to come out.  Between sex and masterbation I rarely go more then a day or two so this was kind of wild for me.

Anway, it was a fun trip.

How Did I Get Here

This blog started about 7 years ago with the purpose of posting girls in diapers that I found online, hence the name:  Diapergirlpictures.  I’ve been looking at pictures of girls in diapers since around 1996, when I got my first Internet account.  I browsed usenet groups, and early website galleries at incredibly slow speeds, but learning that I wasn’t the only person who was hopelessly obsessed with diapers was amazing.

So how does a person become obsessed with diapers?  I remember a few things  from when I was a prepubescent that I’ve always thought were clues.

I was incredibly afraid of being embarrassed, like the idea of being made fun of or being the center of attention scared the shit out of me.  At the same time I found it secretly so exciting that I would daydream about being caught in embarrassing situations.

Being tied up or somehow constrained secretly fascinated me.  The idea of being helpless somehow excited me in ways I couldn’t understand.

Feeling enclosed or wrapped up made me very happy.  I liked blankets and rolling up in them.  Once I remember experimenting with wrapping a blanket around my crouch really tight.

The idea of being humiliated, wrapped up and being helpless lead me to diapers.  What could be more humiliating then being wrapped in a diaper, and trapped in a playpen or crib.  I started fixating on diapers and would ride my bike to the stores just to walk down the baby isle and look at them.   I tried wearing all my underwear at once and fashioning diapers from all manner of materials.  Pillow cases worked great.  Soon I was stealing diapers from packages and then I discovered adult diapers.

All of this was non sexual because I really didn’t even know what sex was, let alone how to masturbate.  I had lots of crushes on girls, but I was beginning to realize something, when it came to love, girls, relationships, my mind was more feminine or at least submissive, than a male was culturally suppose to be.  I wanted to be noticed, I wanted to be asked out, I obsessively crushed over girls but never had the courage to do anything about it.

When it came to my secret diaper girl obsession I discovered something else.  I found that I was was as turned on and excited by sissy pictures as I was by girls in diapers.  I also began to realize that when I wore diapers myself and imagined myself as a baby it was always a babygirl.

Still I never thought about my gender, the idea of it was so foreign to me that I never even considered it.  Was I more of a female than male?

Well it turns out my real life is pretty normal, I found a true love, got married, got a job, went to college, got a better job, and up until we found out we couldn’t have children our lives were normal.  My wife knew about my diaper obsession, but I kept it really buried because she found it weird.

I went on doing the same ol things, secretly buying diapers from a few out of town pharmacies every few months, searching for them at thrift stores and wearing them whenever I could. And of course spending way to much time online looking at diaper girl pictures.

I had gigabytes of saved diaper girl pics on my hard drive, and I’d built up a huge stash of cloth and disposable diapers, it was really too much and my wife got upset, especially when I begin leaving things like pacifiers, baby blankets, and bottles around the house.  Her biggest fear was getting caught.  I took her advice and purged it all.

It wasn’t the first time, but it was the biggest, and I really regret it, especially the loss of all those vintage images that I’ll never be able to recover.

Of course it wasn’t a month later I was out buying diapers again, but something strange happened about a year ago.  I discovered cross dressing.  11 months ago I bought my first dress, it was 1 dollar on clearance at Wal-Mart and it was from the little girls department.  I just noticed it randomly while walking by and thought, I wonder if that would fit me.  It did.

A month later I had several more dresses from thrift stores, panties, bras, wigs and makeup.  I wasn’t going to win a pageant, but from a distance a mostly blind person might think they were seeing a woman.  Most importantly I had opened up to my wife, and included her, it took awhile to get used to be she found she liked having a shopping “girlfriend”  not that I would ever get dressed up and go shopping with her, but even dressed as myself it was fun for both of us to look at clothes together.

I went through a few months where I lost interest in crossdressing and diapers, I was just to busy, to much worry, and not enough time.  But now I’m feeling the pull again.  I love to take photos and write about this… fetish, lifestyle, style, interest, whatever you want to call it.  Look out for new content.


Crinklz ABDL Diaper Review

Our Little Girl was falling behind on her chores so to motivate her we dressed her up in her tutu and told her to vacuum like a balerina.  It worked and got her moving.


crinklz review 2

Since she had been wearing a single Crinklz diaper all day and we could see how wet it was from the swelling under her onesie we decided it would be a great time to do a review.

crinklz review 1

The Crinklz diaper is hands down the best ABDL diaper we’ve used.  It actually feels like removing a real Huggies or Pampers from the pack back before cloth backed diapers.  When you take them out of the pack you are struck by how tightly packed in they are, how thin they seem, how packed the padding inside is, and how heavy the diaper is.  It easily weighs twice a regular adult diaper.

crinklz review 3

Nothing particularly special about the tapes, I wish it had the reinforced landing zone, but the tapes stick fine, and the double system means you can adjust if you need to.  You’ll find the tall leakguards you would expect an abdl diaper to have, There is also nothing particularly  special about the fit, it’s a bit higher then some, but not as high as others.  The large fit Ourlittlegirl perfectly and the inclusion of both front and rear waistbands helped keep the diaper snug.

crinklz review 4

Where the diaper begins to stand out is when you use it, I’ll let her explain.  “The first time you wet it you feel almost nothing, just dryness.  The wetness is soaked up into the diaper instantly and locked away.  The next time you wet it you might feel a tiny bit of moisture but soon you just feel a wonderful warm bludge around you.  The more you wet the bigger and better it feels.”

crinklz review 5

After 6 hours of activity the diaper was swelled up like nothing I had seen in a single diaper.  Our little girl was in bliss as her tender parts were swaddled and as we took pictures she couldn’t help but begin grinding the diaper.  Then her naughty hands were feeling her little nipples and she began to moan sweetly.  I got a few underskirt images and she kept pulling her legs tight finding the diaper irresistible.

crinklz review 6

We presented Our Girl a challenge, we placed her on her knees and placed a single pillow under the big swollen diaper then told her to grind it until she came.  It only took a few minutes and she was moaning and cumming.

crinklz review 7

We only have one complaint with the Crinklz.  While they have a very nicely designed cover, its too furry for us.  We are not furries, I don’t mind cute animals, but the Crinklz is nothing but cute animals.  I want nursery prints, I think we all like nearly every other ABDL diaper’s print better, but still it’s much cuter then white.

Besides their amazing performance, the crinklz are actually for affordable.  28 bucks for 15 diapers and now they come in 3 different “furry” prints.  Got to Northshore care and order some, you won’t regret it.

Solution for Long Term Diaper Wearing

I recently experimented with wearing a single diaper for what is for me a long time and wanted to share the results.  I wanted to wear all day and not have to worry about the diaper being noticed, falling apart, or leaking and all the while I intended to be very active.  My new favorite affordable diaper is the Tranquilty ATN which I ordered from Wal-Mart.com.  At $8.36 per 12 and free store pickup they are a great deal.  The only downside is that they are only available in medium and I usually buy large size diapers.

Thankfully I can wear a medium and there are some benefits to the smaller size.  The diaper doesn’t rise very high, there are less extra plastic sides flapping around, and less bulk in general.  The Tranquilty ATN is a really well made diaper, it’s not very thick but is well packed with super absorbent gel and the padding seems to resist clumping and falling apart.  They have tall leakguards and seem to do a really good job of locking wetness away.

One of the first things I noticed when wearing the Tranquility ATN is how the plastic is both really quiet and really soft.  These diapers were actually quieter under my pants then a cloth backed Attends Overnight, and about the same quietness as a thinner cheap cloth backed diaper.  The second thing I could tell wearing these is that they really, really, don’t leak.  The last thing is that the tapes are really, really secure.  It has a double tape system for re tightening but I generally don’t need to.

extended wear 1

So for my extended wear I needed to be really discreet as I was going to be wearing and using the diaper around alot of people.  I placed a Tranquility top liner pad in the ATN to boost absorbency and put the diaper on as snug as I could.  I wore a Maidenform shaping mid rise panty over the diaper, it’s a very firm and pretty much completely hid the diaper’s lines and silenced it.  Over that I wore some boxxers.

I put this in around 11 AM after doing some outdoor activity and intense exercise which I didn’t want to be diapered for.  I was somewhat dehydrated which helped alot because I was really worried about leaks and wouldn’t be in a position to change for hours.  Over the course of the next 10 hours I went to several places in public, did alot of chores, and went on a 8 mile bike ride all the while trying my best not to hold my bladder.

extended wear 2

By early evening the diaper felt damp but only really in the front where I wet.  by later evening it felt a bit bulky in my front and wet.  At ten o’clock after wearing the diaper 11 hours and wetting it several times I went to check it out and take some pictures before taking it off.extended wear 3

The tight fitting shapewear panty keeps the diaper really wrapped to your body and wetness is nearly injected into the padding, instead of leaking down through a more loose fitting diaper and pooling in the bottom.  Because of this the front padding was soaked, in fact the wetness had spread from the center in all directions equally.  The booster pad wasn’t even completely soaked yet.  I could have worn the diaper for many more hours though I may have started experiencing leaks at the top.  The bottom and rear of the diaper were completely dry.

Because the shapewear kept the diaper super snug there was no chaffing and comfort wasn’t an issue.  I was stunned by how completely intact the padding was, there was no clumping.  It performed exactly as a quality baby diaper where the padding expands but stays put.

One key thing to remember is that I was somewhat dehydrated for this entire day, I didn’t avoid drinking, in fact I tried to drink extra, but I spent alot of time outside in the sun and was losing fluid through sweat.  If I had been less active and produced more urine I’m not sure if the diaper would have held up that long.