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I love these pictures, this girl looks so cute in that outfit.  And you can tell its not a phony model she actually dressed up like this for fun.  They had a website with lots of pics but its gone now.  Wish I’d saved them all.





This is Baby Angie and I’d say that she has more pictures then any other adult baby diaper girl out there.  She used to post on the newsgroups all the time and I think they had a website.  I have saved 770 of her pictures.  A few cool things about her pictures, she is usually wearing the 90s Attends and often times you see the packaged in the picture, often times her diaper is wet and messy, she seems to be enjoying herself and being photographed, and there is a real wide range of sceneary, from a nursery to a bondage dungeon.



There were some pictures taken that said Mystic Reflections Photography and some that had a web address  I think these are by the same guy even though they don’t have the logo.

Here’s some of a girl called Misty P. I like these pictures because even though she’s modeling she looks like she’s having a good time, they are cute, tasteful and fun.

Today’s picture is from the wtf folder.

Adult Baby Source has produced so many diaper girl photos, its crazy.  Here’s one of my favorites, partially because of the old Attends.

I could be wrong about this but I think she used to be on the web as shiny girl, seems like I remember she had lots and lots of pics with lots of plastic clothing and sometimes diapers.  I really love this picture because she’s holding a huge diaper.


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